Silkscreen printing is everywhere! Find your workshop

Silkscreen printing is a trend, and deservedly so! It's an easy, handmade, cheap and unique process used to create amazing art, for printing on textile, wood, paper or even the ground if you want to. Definitely the king of DIY. Learning the technique is really easy and cheap. There are also many ways to create your own little studio without spending large amounts of money while even producing your own screens . A first contact with a silkscreen printing studio or workshop can help you see the possibilities it has and to motivate you to learn to produce your own art. 

So get your hands dirt! You don't have an excuse because we have selected some of the most exiting places to help you get started no matter where you live: Barcelona, London or Berlin. 


Pulpo en su tinta: This is an amazing place to buy silkscreen printing material and to learn how to print with small teams. One of its teachers is Jan Barceló, a master of experimental silkscreen printing.

Barba silkscreen: Located in the Poblenou neighborhood, Barba offers workshops every month with a reduced number of participants, to really understand the technique with a more intimate approach.

Printworkers Barcelona: Printworkers is a reference of creativity in the city. They don't only organize silkscreen printing workshops; they are a co-working place, an exhibition organizer and a prints shop. They publish new workshops in their facebook page and have affordable pricing.


Check Out My Print!: Check Out My Print! is a workshop place based in London. They are specialized in printmaking but also run workshops in other creative and crafty activities such as bookbinding and embroidery. They usually organize cheap courses throughout London.

Ditto: Ditto offers a great number of regular workshops. Besides silkscreen printing, you can find activities on risograph printing, taxidermy and lino-cutting. They also have an amazing online shop with several artist books and prints and an interesting blog about design. 

East London Printmakers: So many things to say! You cannot find more courses than the ones offered here. An enormous amount of material to learn with or discover artists and teachers,. It’s a great place to reach different levels and improve your technique. A practical bible of inks and screens, just have a look.


Druckstelle: Placed in Kreuzberg neighborhood and managed by Eva Pietzcker, Druckstelle is a wonderful place to learn different techniques, from silkscreen printing to Japanese woodblock or stencil.

Le Raclet: Located in Kreuzberg since 2010, Le Raclet is specialized in fine art and high end silkscreen onto paper, textiles and many other materials. They are always coming up with interesting and high level courses. 

Supalife Kiosk: Supalife is a reference in street art, art books, illustration and silkscreen printing thanks to their interesting exhibitions, their books selection and their regular workshops on silkscreen printing and woodcutting.