Review of Book: People of Print by Marcroy Smith

Pere Rius

People of Print
Marcroy Smith is the founder of People of Print an inspiring website that shows the creative and commercial works from illustrators, designers and printers. Marcroy is also the autor of the book at hand, titled People of Print. A lavish book beautifully edited by Thames & Hudson, London. People of Print largely compiles a careful selection of works by independent authors who show their jobs done with more handmade techniques such as screen printing or letterpress, but also with digital printing techniques. The geographical diversity of presented authors (USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Singapore, Spain and other countries) reinforces the idea that this predilection for more handmade printing are a trend, still a minority, which has no borders.


We highlight the work of authors like: Anthony Burrill, Ben Rider, Corrupiola, Dangerfork, Dolly Demoratti, Fatherless, The Fingersmith letterpress, Frenchfourch, Gfeller + Hellsgard, Jim O'Raw, Jon Burgerman, Kayrock, KeeganMeegan & Co, KOPIJ, Les Tontons Racleurs, Mike Perry, New North Press, Prensa La Libertad, Print Club Boston, Print liberation, Sonnenzimmer...

If we must point out a negative point, is that other works done with other printing techniques are absent such as engraving, lithography, linocut, monotyping, etc.

To conclude we want to highlight that it is a book we recommend because it is inspiring and it confirms that printing is not dead. It is very much alive.

Mike Perry

New North Press