7 months of Inks and paper

Mixed Republic

Ward Schumaker - Eunice Kim - Laura Berman

2015 ends and Mixed Republic is 7 months old already. For us, they have been 7 intense months working hand by hand with people we deeply admire for their work and professionalism, people from every corner of the world, from Argentina to Japan, from United States to Greece or France. Our aim during these months was to launch that allowed to spread the vibe and acknowledge little by little the work of artists, designers and studios who work with handmade printing as their form of expression, doesn't matter the technique they use, from silkscreen printing to letterpress, risography, litography or stencil. We want to thank all of them for the trust and the help to our project and also to our readers and all the people who has helped us with their advice, their collaboration and their time spent working with us.

Ward Schumaker opened up our project collaborating with our first interview. A pair of unknown people from Barcelona wanted to know more about his work and working process, and his kindness helped us to start building this handprint lovers blog. Since then, amazing and really relevant people in the handprinting range has been collaborating in our blog as Palefroi, Roman Klonek, Susann Poenisch, Sonnenzimmer, Ewa Budka, Tind, Pep Brocal y Blanca Hernández, Eunice Kim, Laura Berman, Limited Works, Print Van Paris, Prensa La Libertad, Takuji Hamanaka, Struan Teague, Adrià Galicia or Original Replica. To all of them, many many thanks!

And....what about 2016?

We want to grow and make our community bigger. We want to feed the curiosity for new artists, new projects and new techniques to our readers. This is our main aim for this year that is about to start.

And we are going to have surprises too! So be around!

Thank you to be with us.

Keep on printing!

Aida and Pere, Co-editors of Mixed Republic

Limited Works - Adrià Galicia

Tind - Susann Poenisch - Roman Klonek

Ewa Budka - Prensa La Libertad

Palefroi - Struan Teague - Takuji Hamanaka

Original Replica - Print Van Paris - Pep Brocal & Blanca Hernández

Translation: Carles Roca Font